September 21, 2017

Gallery Wall

I am so happy to finally have pictures of our family on display in my home.  When I was in college and a new homeowner I had pictures in frames everywhere.  Then we moved to our second home and I had maybe two picture frames in our entire home.  I wanted to add personal pictures, but just never got around to it.  I think the tedious task of going through the thousands of pictures I have on my computer and picking out the ones to display played a big part.

When I came upon this post, I knew that was exactly the look I wanted for this big blank wall in our family room.  I loved the idea of a systematical pattern and decreasing the saturation in each photo to create a more muted color palette was perfect.

These are definitely some of my favorite candid photos that we all cherish.

I edited each photo in Pic Monkey taking the saturation to -75 and then ordered prints from Shutterfly.  All the photos are 11x14 and frames are 16x20.  For this wall, four columns and three rows fit best.  Most of these pictures are from my iPhone.  The look I was going for wasn't perfect posed professional pictures, so even my iPhone pics with lower resolution turned out great!

September 11, 2017

Fall Favorites

Good Morning!  We are finally getting somewhat back on track around our part of town.  My kids are heading back to school today after being off since August 24 because of the hurricane.  There is still lots of cleanup going on all around us.  My husband has been helping on some demo crews and I've been helping with the food crews.  It's still so unbelievable how bad the flooding was in so many different areas of Houston and Southeast Texas.  Thinking and praying for those now experiencing the affects of hurricane Irma.

Yesterday, I finally sat down and browsed a few of my favorite stores.  We are hoping to do family pictures for our Christmas cards soon, so I was trying find outfits for that.  Of course lots of other things caught my eye too.  Below are a few other Fall favorites...


I am loving those long comfy cardigans!  Definitely high on my wishlist for this Fall/Winter.

Have a wonderful day!

September 4, 2017

Ways to Help Houston

It's been almost 10 days now since we first started to feel the affects of the storm here in the Houston area and it's hard to believe that some neighborhoods are still dealing with the flooding.  Many of those only a couple of miles from our backyard.  I know the national news has covered many stories but the scale of this flooding is so massive.  There is just so much water everywhere!  I can only image the amount of stress being absorbed by those who's homes flooded, as I'm sure it's both physically and emotionally exhausting.  It's such a struggle to watch as there is no immediately solution for those families.  Unlike so many, we were very fortunate to be spared any damage to our home and we continue to pray and help as we can.

Despite all the sadness, I've been amazed by all the heartwarming stories I've seen during and after this hurricane.  As we are finally starting to get back on track a little after the hurricane, I wanted to share a few ways to support those affected.  I know some many of us want to help, so I've found items you can purchase that will help those in need.

1.  Skinny Mini Bar Necklace - Love this adorable necklace!  And 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Diaper Bank.

2.  Come Hell or High Water T-shirt - Paris Texas Apparel shop will donate 100% of the proceeds from this t-shirt to the J.J. Watt Houston Flood Relief Fund.

3.  Texas Tough and Still Kickin' Tote - Consider buying one of these cute totes to support our great state.  All proceeds going to help those affected by Harvey.

4.  Goldenthread - This local shop is offering a couple different necklaces and proceeds from those purchases will be donated to the Harvey relief.

5.  Girls Texas Strong Ruffle T-shirt - The Hair Bow Company is donating 100% of the proceeds or this shirt to the Hurricane Harvey Relief, specifically the Houston Bay Area residents.

6.  Texas Strong Tea Towel - All benefits of this tea towel will benefit the Bread of Life, a mission in Houston that provides meals and fresh produce for homeless and unemployed folks in transition.

So many great items to purchase that directly support Harvey relief funds.  A few of these will not only help Houston, but all of Southeast Texas and the Texas Gulf Coast that were devastated by the storm.

August 26, 2017

Random Fashion Favorites

Good Afternoon!  We were up most of the night last night due to back to back tornado warnings and pounding rain.  We had almost 10 inches last night.  So since we are stuck indoors this weekend due to the hurricane and luckily still have power, I did a little round up of some favorite items I've purchased or that I've found on sale.  The top above is a favorite of mine and it's on sale.  Below are a few sale items I have my eye on.

Sale Favorites

 Swimsuit Favorite

I am normally not a fan of most one-pieces swimsuits, but recently bought this one and love the fit! The black is classic and it's simple, but still really stylish.  The best part is that it's only $35!  I know that we are at the end of summer, but we still have Labor Day weekend.  And it will be nice to have a good suit to start next summer!

Thinking about everyone on the Texas Gulf Coast and hope ya'll are staying safe.

August 16, 2017

Sale Alert: Bamboo Cordless Roman Shades

Happy Hump Day!  Just wanted to pop in a share a great sale that ends today!  I have had several inquiries on my blog and social media sites asking where I purchased these bamboo roman shades.  I caught them on sale today and just ordered three more for our breakfast nook.  They are 40% off and if you spend more than $100, you get an additional 30% with code: FORYOU43.  Such a steal!

We absolutely love them and I wanted to pass along the great deal in case you've been looking!  Have a great rest of the week!  You can purchase them by clicking here.

August 13, 2017

Back Patio Refresh

As much as I loved our patio furniture it was really starting to fall apart.  Our back patio at this house does not have an overhang, so after sitting out in the elements everyday it was really looking bad.  But we had it for about 6 years, so definitely got good use out of it.  On our long list of to-do's for this home is an overhang directly over where this furniture sits.  Fortunately, it faces east so we have full shade after 4 pm which really helps in the mean while.

Knowing that we were not ready for the overhang project and whatever we bought would sit out fully exposed, we decided to go with this iron set that was really affordable.  It's from Home Depot and I tried to link it, but could not find it online.  The whole 5 piece set with cushions was around $300.

I added throw pillows from Target to dress it up a little.  I put two of these 18" Brushed Diamond pillows on on the love seat and the Blue Striped Lumbar pillows on the chairs.

Everything seems to be weather proofed really well, but I do try to move all the cushions and pillows in when it rains.  Our umbrella is still going strong.  I've actually been really impressed with how well it's held up.  I bought it last Spring and it sits out all year and has faded very little and the wood still looks great!  I found it at World Market, but I did not see it this season.  This one is very similar.  We also add a few strings of outdoor globe lights and I love how they look at night!

We spend a lot of time back here year round, so it's nice to have it looking pretty again.  It's soooo hot right now, so during the day if we are back here, it's in the pool.  The evenings cool off and we usually get a good breeze, but it's a warm breeze.

August 6, 2017

Beach Staycation 2017

Hi there!  I feel like it's been awhile since I've posted and I kind of miss it :)  I've been out of town for work and then the rest of our free time has been working on a little DIY project we have going on at our house.  More to share on that soon.

Since I took this new position we decided to stay close by this summer.  So we headed down to Galveston for a few nights and just hung out on the beach.  It's only a little over an hour drive for us which is a perfect getaway when we need it.  I did manage to take a few pictures, but only with my phone.

I hope everyone's summer is going well!  We have 10 days before school starts here, so we are definitely trying to soak up every bit of carefree days we have left.

Have a great day!

July 22, 2017

Nordstrom Sale - My Shopping Guide

The Nordstrom Anniversary sale went live yesterday!  I've already taken advantage of the early access shopping last week, but have a few more items on my wishlist.  I've pulled together a little guide if you don't want to navigate the entire sale and divided it into categories.  The sale last until August 6th, but stuff does sell out.  It's also a great time to start back to school shopping and maybe get a jump start on Christmas shopping.  The deals are so good!  

So let's get to it!



I hope this helps narrow it down.

Happy Shopping!!